Sunday, November 29, 2009

In PC, it's "little people"

One of my ongoing challenges as I venture into the ventriloquism world continues to be the word dummy.

It seems to derisive. So demeaning. How can you work hard to develop a symbotic partnership that will produce great and wondrous performances with something that is a dummy?

I should keep in mind the town of Hurley, Wisconsin.  Hurley is about 20 miles from the much bigger, more cosmopolitan city of Ashland, a once booming Wisconsin port on Lake Superior. Hurley's 2,000 residents live with the town's bawdy reputation for rowdy northwoods lumberman decadence. (For those not fully in the Northern Wisconsin "know" - that means lots of bars and strip joints.)

But this year, Hurleyans (Hurley-ites? Hurlers? Hurlots?) can also be proud that their football team made it to the Wisconsin State Division 4 semi-finals. How proud they must be of their Midgets.

Yes. You got that right. The Hurley Midgets. A football powerhouse.

If they can get behind midgets, I can get behind a dummy.
I wonder if any place on Hurley's main street has an open mic night? After all, a gig is a gig even if the crowd is used to pole dancers. If my technique and my material is top notch...maybe?

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