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Where everybody knows your dummy's name.

1. June 6, 2010 - Series Pilot with Guests Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy

To my new ventriloquist friends:

Here's the pitch I am making to any ventriloquist who might see this:

Pick a few lines of your ventriloquist routine (say, one or two rimshots) that can work as dialog with a monkey bartender or a dummy waiter or a human owner/chef, send them to me along with your web address, pictures, and other promo materials. Allow me to weave a script (trust me - I will treat your material like it's gold!) just as I did with Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen, making you "this week's special guest at the Budding Ventriloquist Bar and Grille."
You get a little promotion out of it, and I get to have fun writing it. I hope this sounds like great fun all around.

My email is:

Think Cheers, or the Jackie Gleason "Joe the Bartender" skits, or Dean Martin having a drink with the guests on his show - except the guest are ventriloquists and their dummies and puppets.

Come join this adventure

Dan Bushman
Budding Ventriloquist

Cast and Characters
At the Budding Ventriloquist Bar and Grille, the regulars regularly belly up to the bar. Bartender Max LeMonk is always ready with a quip. Handsome waiter/actor wannabe Steed Hideaway struggles to perfect his craft(s), and Owner/Chef Dan is always looking for a new recipe.

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