Monday, November 2, 2009


For peeps of my generation who can't quite get their minds around the massively-hyped special effects movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron of Titanic and Aliens fame, how about a sci-fi thriller featuring a more traditional faux persona effect:

Once by one, the dummies were made to resemble their human partners more and more, until one day the whole experiment went horribly wrong. Sigourney Weaver decides to contain all the repla-dummies on the moon (see The time/space ventinuum).  A nasty battle ensues involving lots of puns and sarcasm. For some inexplicable reasons, Charlie McCarthy and Lamb Chop are seen at the nose of a boat shouting about being kings and great meat cuts of the world.  Humans win by hurting the dummies' feelings. Sigourney calls Jerry Mahoney a "bitch" and blasts him into the vacuum of space.

The sequel is set up in the final shots when someone says, "Did you say the dummies had feelings?" 

Oops.  Didn't mean to say that without a "Spoiler Alert," but I did just save you an $8 movie ticket.
Sigourney Weaver is a new entrant in the "Face Made for a Ventriloquist Dummy Sweepstakes."  Joe Torre is still numero uno in my book.  It's her eyes and forehead, don't you think? Or is it her lips?

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