Mystic Moments

A Budding Ventriloquist Mystic Moment is a magical meeting of Max LeMonk (the monkey puppet), me, and don Rey Ortega, the mystic ventriloquist shaman or nagual, as they say in the shaman biz.  A nagual is a shaman who, when the spirit chose, could become the leader of a party spirital seekers. In the case of ventriloquist naguals, it would be a party of voice throwers. He's probably the life of the party, too. 

Once you've read one Mystic Moment, you're going to want to read the entire series.

Honest.  You have to read them to believe them - and believing is what both ventriloquism and shamanism is all about, ya? You see the amazing connection? The astral plane-ness of the whole thing?

My co-creative force for this series is the amazing Rey Ortega, who gives don Rey his voice.

When not donning a significant amount of "don-ness", Rey Ortega's adventures in entertainment can be found at Thanks, Rey - you put the mist in mystic. Or is it myst that you put in mystic?

The Series
#1 - In the desert, you can remember your name
#2 - Alley Whoops
#3 - And 5,6,7,8...
#4 - Positively 4th in a Series
#5 - Ventriloquists on the storm
#6 - Hold that tiger
#7 - Is something alien ya?
#8 - Max and me and U, 2
#9 - And two dummies in the yard
#10 - Corny as Kansas in August

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