Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just Dolittle

With three of the seven teenagers that make up my daughter's Destination Imagination (DI) team, found myself killing time in a elementary school library during a workshop yesterday.  I am the coach/manager of the team. Considering the whole idea of the program is that the kids do everything themselves, is not a bad gig.  It does leave me shuffling my feet a lot as the team does their thing.

My team is also the most experienced team, so they are called on to demonstrate techniques and such for newer teams. Which brings us and me to the little school library waiting for the audience to assemble, and how it was filled not just with stuffed animals, but with Folkmanis animal puppets.

There was a bullfrog, an elephant, a snail... A SNAIL!!! And a wolf and... and...

Keeping my voice down (remember, I was with teenagers - a dad who plays with puppets is cool: not), I put on every one and tried to find a voice for each.  Even though I had only about twenty minutes, it was such a treat. I could live in that room. It made me want to break in in the middle of the night just to have a long conversation with the orangutan with no teenage ears judging me.

I guess if I did that and I got busted by The Man, this statement could be used as evidence of premeditation. I probably shouldn't be posting this confession. But at the age of 49, it's time I do some living on the edge.

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