Friday, November 20, 2009

Facing the music

Lately, I have posted ideas about a few celebrities vis-a-vis their merits as a face for a ventriloquist dummy.

I do want to apologize to any and all of them if someone feels this is a slight. Please be assured that it is, at it's worst, a clinical observation.  At its most best, it is, in my mind, the grandest of compliments.

As I write this blog, I do need to be more considerate about people's feelings.  Feelings do get hurt in ways that last long time.

As it stands today, I hate to think that if and when I meet Julia Roberts (nominated November 12 on the post The egg came first), there might be an elephant in the room.

"Hi, I'm Dan Bushman, and I am thrilled to meet you," I'd say, extending my hand (and secretly dreaming of getting one of those not-so-personal hollywood hugs from her).

"Dan Bushman? The Budding Ventriloquist, right?" She'd reply.

And before I could finish my smiling nod, she'd say, "I am NOT speaking to you."

Ouch. But, I guess it's deserved.
For the record, I did say she would make not just a pretty dummy, but a very pretty dummy. If that kind of truth hurts, then rip me to shreds, Julia.
Yesterday's post, regarding my "sexiest man list" goal, is being used by some as evidence of some kind of mental instability. I assure you, it is not. Why is it that every time I earnestly set a professional goal, it's treated like a parade to be rained on?


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