Sunday, November 15, 2009

OMG! Ya know, like, crikey!

Well, just build a billabog with the dingos, mate!

Australians are so outraged at Britney Spears lipsyncing parts of her stage show, the Aussie lawmakers are taking action.  Proposed is that audiences must be warned that parts of the show are not live or are pre-recorded or that the artists are lipsyncing.

For the record, I don't think this brouhaha is about Britney lipsyncing. My bet is that it's about her lipsyncing poorly. Performance media is full of faked performances. Ask Marni Nixon, whose singing was dubbed in for Deborah Kerr, Natalie Wood, and Audrey Hepburn in some of the biggest musical films of all time. The difference: a movie ticket costs $8, a Britney ticket $200. You can throw a lot of shrimp on the barbie for that price. Higher expectations come with it.

I do think a law would have to be crafted carefully.  If it becomes a crime to hear a voice without seeing lips move, Australia would be the first continent to ban ventriloquists.

At least good ones.
Britney Spears is actually a very pretty and talented young lady. For the record, though, there is nothing about her face that would make an interesting ventriloquist dummy. However, a kangaroo's face might make an interesting dummy, but still not as good a one as Dodger Skipper Joe Torre.
Britney Spears/dummy jokes were deliberately avoided in the making of this post.

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