Monday, November 16, 2009

Hot spit on the frozen tundra

I am very confident that I will make some surprising strides in my ventriloquest* this week.


Because the Green Bay Packers beat the pants off of the Dallas Cowboys, 17-7.  The struggling, counted-out, disappointing, underachieving, much maligned, losing-streaking Green Bay Packers beat the pants off the mighty, cocky, strutting, much heralded, winning-streaking Dallas Cowboys, 17-7.

If this can happen, great things can happen with my ventriloquism, too.

The Packers victory prompted this question in my mind:
When describing when a  real underdog wins in football, the saying is, "That's why they play the game."  So, for a struggling ventriloquist finding some success, would the saying be, "That's why they play with dolls"?
Did this pop into anyone else's mind? Call in. Lines are open.
* Ventriloquest has a noble, Holy Grail-ish sound, doesn't it?

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