BV: Influences

Chapter 1: Albert Brooks

Chapter 2: Deteriorata

Chapter 3: George Carlin


I hear it all the time. The question the world wants answered. And it usually comes out this way:
"Dan. Can I call you 'Dan'? Dan, how did your mind get this way? Where did the buds of the Budding Ventriloquist come from?" 
Well, that's actually two questions. Three questions if you count the ingratiating 'Can I call you Dan' thing.

There's no one answer, of course. But sorting out the riddle leads to this new series,Budding Ventriloquist: Influences. Intentionally, there's no particular order to who goes first, no attempt to be linear. A sense of humor that developed in a straight forward way is not a sense of humor at all. That is just not how it works.*

*That is just not how it works. That and I'm not 100 percent sure where I'm going with this. But this idea is logo worthy for sure.. I could just tell.

While you're still laughing, read this:

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