V Face List

Here's my running list of people with faces that would make great ventriloquist dummies:

Joe Torre - Dodger Skipper
Moms Mabley - Comedian
Rush Limbaugh - Big Fat Idiot
Rachel Maddow - MSNBC Host
Chris Matthews - MSNBC Host
Sigourney Weaver - Actress
Warren Buffett - Rich Guy
Sam Donaldson - ABC News
Julia Roberts - Actress
Sarah Palin - Author?
The Cast of Glee
Conan O'Brien - TV Host
Charles - Prince of Wales
Brigitte Bardot - French Woman
Sean Connery - Actor
Robert Gibbs - Press Secretary
Ivan Skovbrev - Olympian
Al McGuire - Hoops Coach
James Lovell - Astronaut
Carlos Garel - Tango Singer
Ryan Braun - Brewer
Bob Uecker - Mr. Baseball
Sam Waterston - Actor
Spiro Agnew - VPOTUS

Joe Torre was my longstanding "perfect" choice. Moms Mabley is now "co-perfect."

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