The Down Under Special

The reason for this special tribute is simple.

During the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM), I really didn't do a particularly good job in giving Australian or New Zealand ventriloquists (or athletes, for that matter) their due.

I am a good man and a decent man. I know I owe the great folks down under something special.  So The week of August 2 is Ventriloquists Down Under Week.

The lead-up posts are showing you that just because I'm a Yank, it doesn't mean I don't know a bunch of stuff about Australia!  You are going to be dazzled at what this American knows about  the world Down Under, even if the closest he's ever gotten to it is Acapulco.

Also, I decided that rather than doing the lead-up posts on the "evens" (like 80,60, 75... you  know, the typical numbers that everybody uses), they are being posted on prime numbers - i.e., 53 days to go.  Unconventional? Yes, just like Budding Ventriloquist always is.

Want to read everything from the beginning? Of course you do. Enjoy.

Announcing Ventriloquists Down Under Week
100 Days to go - 100 Days and counting down...under
73 Days to go  - 73* Days and counting down...under
61 Days to go - Building a better billabong
53 Days to go - Spencer for hire?
37 Days to go - Roos, roos, roos for the home team
23 Days to go - Hey, back at ya
11 Days to go -  Tattoos and beer
5 days to go - Nicole and you and a boy named Hugh

and the week itself:

Day One: All rise... Featuring Chris Woodman
Day Two: The doppelganger tradition Featuring Darren Carr
Day Three: My blog's got talent! Featuring Dean Atkinson
Day Four: Crocodile Fun-See?  Featuring Lindi Jane
Day Five: Sarah-illusion  Featuring Sarah Jones

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