Saturday, November 28, 2009

Meal tickets, please

Why not just crash a White House State Dinner to be the first ventriloquist at a State Dinner?

Just being there is not the point, that's why. The invitation is the honor.

So what if this couple managed to boldy walk through the best security in the entire world and get their pictures taken with Washington hoi polloi? So what if they got a pretty good meal? So what if they've probably bonded by now with the Secret Service people who are all over their case and realizing that ripping out the crashers' spleens will not make up for the amazing security screw up?

So what? They were not invited. And they're not even ventriloquists, so I doubt they were even that close to being invited.

For the record, neither of their faces are dummy-worthy, either. So just who do they think they are?

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