The Slovenian Thing

During the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM), I promised to go to Slovenia and do a ventriloquism act if they earned medals.

They rose to the challenge and won!

But, I didn't go because I:
  1. Am broke.
  2. Don't know any Slovenian; and
  3. Don't actually do any ventriloquism.

My life and national security vis-a-vis Slovenia has been dicey ever since.

There's even a Budding Ventriloquist Slovenian Relations Monitoring System, modeled after the US Homeland Security color coding that so effectively preserves our liberty.

So you can read the whole thing, here's the BV/Slovenia story- as it came down:

Post 2 - Who knew?
Post 3 - Slovenia hits mount
Post 4 - Quagmire, Smagmire
Post 5 - Politics on the hill
Post 6 - Lowering the warning
Post 7 - Orange whip? Orange whip?

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