Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You gonna eat that?

Terry Fator was not on the list.

Jeff Dunham was not on the list.

(No worries, dear regular reader*. I am not re-running a past post (The final frontier) that had the same lead.)

I must make an irksome point yet again.  When the list of invitees to President Obama's State Dinner was released, there was not a ventriloquist on it. Not that there might not be someone in the Indian diplomatic corps that has dabbled in the art of kings.** But on a list that had a great diversity of celebrities, there was not one known ventriloquist.

It can't be that no one who talks out of both sides of their head were to be stopped at the door, or the staff would have taken home a lot of left over cocktail weinies what from all the no shows.

And it can't be that no dummies were allowed, or, from 2001 to 2009, they couldn't have been hosted by...

Sorry. Don't need to finish that joke. Too easy? Too easy.(***)

* I may have actually picked up an additional regular reader, so this may be that last time I must use, for integrity sake, singular over plural. I think I will go to "regular readers (both of you)". Thoughts?

** Horse racing is referred to as the Sport of Kings. Before kings are totally out of style, I propose ventriloquism be designated their official art.  Leads to Prince Charles on the dummy "face list," you think? I'll get back to you on that.

***Fact: George W. Bush hosted only 6 State Dinners in 8 years, as opposed to other recent two-term presidents who typically hosted 30 plus. No joke.
You can kind of imagine Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy with President Franklin Roosevelt, Paul Winchell and Mortimer Snerd with Ike Eisenhower. But were they at an official State Dinner?

I will write the White House to find out. What fun. Something meaningful to do with my day off.
Snub would be a good name for a ventriloquist character, don't you think?

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