Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blowing rogue

It's not hard to see.

The squared-off jaw* and big mouth** beg to have the lines of a dummy's moving chin. The permanent smile is quintessentially puppet-like. And if you can make a dummy that has moving eyebrows, you can certainly make one that winks.

How could Sarah Palin not make the list of faces that belong on a ventriloquist dummy?
*  My father referred to this as "lantern jaw." In his book, this was not a good thing to have.
** This is not a political statement. She has a measurably big mouth.
Sarah Palin/dummy jokes were deliberately avoided in the making of this post, just like Britney Spears/dummy jokes were avoided a few posts ago.

However, I am totally unapologetic for the Sarah Palin/Britney Spears comparison I just made. And that's like comparing a jaw to a lantern. Right, dad?

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