Saturday, November 14, 2009

Follicling in the snow

Siezing an opportunity to enjoy a slow Saturday morning, I got my coffee and popped in the Terry Fator Live from Las Vegas video. Without a doubt, he is magical. Incredible technique, high production standards, awesome dummies. Just a wow.

It's so inspiring. If it ever crosses though my mind that ventriloquism might not be a good choice for me, thinking of Terry's performance will remind me what fun this can and will be.

I'm even re-re-re-committing, this time with a target - two minutes of routine by the end of winter, with the puppeting, the jokes, the everything - working.

Am I doing the "I want to be Terry Fator" envy thing?  Maybe. I do recognize he has something I will never have.

But he's helped give my long-term dream more focus - to be like Terry Fator, but with a noticable, signature difference between he and I. So I'm imagining the DVD cover:

Dan Bushman - Live and Balding from Las Vegas

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