Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hold on, Mr. Dummymaker

With thanks to another old friend:

"The former ABC wonk, Sam Donaldson was the quintessential living ventriloquist dummy. Many may correct me and say Sam was more a marionette than a ventriloquist dummy - Sam actually looked liked he had marched/slinked off the set of The Thunderbirds (c. 1967)."
Personally, I was a Fireball XL5 man, myself.  Mosty because the chick, Doctor Venus, was hot. They all tanned better and for some reason I wanted strawberry blonde hair.  It was the 60s. Tans were just starting to get important, red hair only a bit less so. I may still change my name to Colonel Steve Zodiac; Colonel being my first name.
While I know they weren't ventriloquist dummies, the connection is there.  You couldn't see their lips move either.
Leave it to my friend Rick to suggest a possible rival to Joe Torre for the numero uno spot. Sam Donaldson is tough to argue, but I'm sticking with Joe - for now at least.

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