Saturday, February 27, 2010

Running into an Estonian wall

Tere, minu Eesti sõbrad, et Noored kõhurääkija taliolümpiamängude levialas.

Welcome, my Estonian friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage.

Estonia represents the first nation of the former Soviet Union other than mother Russia to get their groove on the Budding Ventiloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM).

Estonia was Estonia in 1928 and 1932 Olympics, and their athletes were part of the Soviet machine from 1952 through 1988. Speed skater Ants Antson won gold 1964 for the Soviet Union and Allar Levandi took bronze in the Nordic combined in Calgary.

In 2002 , Estonia  its first Olympic Winter Games medal as an independent nation with cross-country skiers Andrus Veerpalu (gold) and Jaak Mae (bronze) picking up medals in Salt Lake. Eleven days later, Veerpalu collected a bronze. In 2006, Veerpalu added one gold medal.  

And then there's Kristina Smigun-Vaehi who won two gold medal in 2006  and has already picked up a silver in the 10K Cross Country in Vancouver.  And somewhere she must have read how Americans lead the good life, because she retired after the 2006-07 season and moved to Florida, where she bought a house and attended college.

I'm still working on finding information on the state of  Estonian ventriloquism, but I have found that they have a delightful puppet theater called the Nuku Teater.  I am working through a language barrier with Estonian being a Uralic-Finnish blend.  The Puppet Theater's web site makes it look like a jewel.
If you're looking for an update on the Slovenian crisis I created by promising a ventriloquism show if the Slovenians delivered Olympic medals... just ask the Slovenian secret police.  I'm sure by know they know what brand of hot dogs I had for lunch, the devils.

Not that I'm paranoid or anything, but there was a nail in my tire. It wasn't a nail I've ever seen before, either. And every time I get a Slovenian Tina Maze update on her giant slalom runs, I hold my breath...  How much deeper a hole can I get into?

I have to let Secretary of State Clinton know that if the Slovenian embassy calls, better put them on hold and let me explain something. I'll give her my cell number.

 I am, however, thinking a trip abroad is not a bad thing. If it was for a bona fide gig, I could deduct it as a business expense, right?


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