Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our man on the ground

In a first for any ventriloquist blog that's covering the Winter Olympics, we have a field reporter. My nephew Jeff has joined the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage(TM) as our man in Thailand.

He filed this report:
Regarding the Winter Olympics, unfortunately the favorites (the Thai team) were unable to make it to Canada due to a severe winter storm that brought 85 degree weather and .0001 inches of rain to Suvarnabhumi Airport. They are hoping for better luck next year!

On a serious note....back in 2006 Prawat Nagvajara of Thailand competed in the Men's 15 km cross country skiing event....finishing a mere 29 minutes behind the gold medal winner.

As for the Thai ventriloquists, I will gather some information for you and report back in a day or two.

Jeff Bushman, Field Reporter
Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympics Coverage
I knew Jeff had a reporter's blood running though him. I'm already looking forward to his next report from the trenches.

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