Friday, February 12, 2010

Care for a Danish, anyone?

Velkommen, min danske venner, at den gryende Bugtalerdukke VINTEREN OLYMPISKE dækning.

Welcome, my Danish friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage.

Those Danes!  A women's curling powerhouse!

Denmark has been a regular Winter Olympic participants since 1948, but it wasn't until 1998 that they won thier first medal in Nagano.The women's curling team took the silver with Helena Blach Lavrsen at skip. 
The skip player determines the strategy, directs play for the team, and delivers the last pair of stones for his/her team in each end.

This year, Angelina Jensen is seeing if she can skip Denmark to another medal. I know I'll be watching women's curling from beginning to end this time. Having a favorite to cheer for is going to make it exciting.

And my thanks to the Danes for your patience as you waited for this Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM) profile. Allow me to explain the delay.
My search on The Google for insights into your ventriloquist world lead me to a Danish site, Aux.  Aux is "a non-profit forum for listening culture founded in 2004 in Copenhagen". Simply, it is a group fascinated in sound and sound manipulation. I think.

In one of their stories they made this reference:

"Danish ventriloquist Preben Palsgaard produced a spellbinding performance and answered questions from the audience, revealing ventriloquist tricks of the trade and techniques. In the 19th Century the ventriloquist doll was believed to be a mouthpiece for voices from the beyond - somewhat similar to the powers ascribed to technology in the beginning of the 20th Century."

And the hunt was on!  Preben Palgard, the Danish king of ventriloquism, can be part of my BVWOC(TM) story. But, as with anything that seems too easy...

The name pops up, but websites don't open. 

Seaching videos was even more bizarre, yielding me videos of a guy named Preben Palsgaard, who does a trick wher he starts a long chain saw on a huge log, locks the throttle open, lets go of it, and lets it cut while he sits in a lawn chair.

This couldn't be my guy, could it? I can't quite find the nexus between ventriloquism and this party trick. Not that it's done at parties I go to, but I know folks for whom it's more commonplace.

This same routine goes on for days. I feel the entire nation of Denmark is feeling pretty put out by the snub.

Then, I come up with a last-ditch effort. I use an online translator to create this phrase:
"Hvor er de gået, Preben Palsgård? En nation viser sin ensomme øjne for dem. Wo Wo Wo." (Where have you gone, Preben Palsgård? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Wo Wo Wo.)
I invoked it, in Danish, and - Abracadabra!

The link to Preben's website magically appears - and magically works!

I so want to speak a little Danish now, just to get an explanation of the talking pants picture!  What I can tell is that Pleben has been at it for years.  And I hope he continues for years to come.

Don't worry, New Zealand.  I saw you polk your head in for a peek, and that's all it takes to get part of the BVWOC(TM).  I'm thinking that I never really did a proper salute to Australia's winter olympians, either.

Sounds like a "Down-Under Special Edition" is in order!  Don't worry - I won't shortchange you, my New Zealand friends. Full coverage for both countries. That's the Budding Ventriloquist Way (TM).
Yes, you read it - The Budding Ventriloquist Way(TM).

Move over "Winner's Way" and all you other kinds of "Way" people. There's a new sheriff in town.

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