Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That was the Olympics that... is

Unlike NBC's coverage, the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM) closing ceremonies won't be preempted by some wierd Jerry Seinfeld reality show.

Why not?  Because BV, unlike network television, is classy.

When the planning for BVWOC started weeks and weeks ago, I had modest hopes. I never teamed it would grow to the magnitude that it did.  Maybe I underestimated the enormity of the games or the challenge of covering the games from 1,500 miles away with the help of only two puppets.
I definitely way overestimated the number of Winter Olympic athletes who were also ventriloquists. I thought I'd find at least one.
In the end:

  • 28 countries that are not the United States came to the BVWOC party;

  • I now have ventriloquist friends in Poland and Denmark;

  • There's a very neat collection of non-English speaking ventriloquist videos to be found; and

  • After an exhaustive hunt, it's all but definite that athletes don't pick ventriloquism as a hobby. Go figure.

Here's the good news. Using the ongoing Olympic spirit as a total excuse - I'm not done yet. I missed a few countries. I didn't do Bahrain (thought I missed you rascals sneaking in, didn't you?). I had a great vision of a "colossal Down Under special edition" for Australia and New Zealand, then realized blogs don't lend themselves to being "colossal." Slovakia was being prepped, but I just didn't know what to say after their hockey guys finished by losing to the Finnish.

And, I'm a little embarrassed that it didn't cross my mind until the big hockey game - I forgot to do Canada. And I tell ya, they seemed to be all over the place at the Games from what I saw on TV.

So there's some leftovers that I will serve up warm - and from the stove, too, not the microwave. They will be just as fresh as the tasty BVWOC I dished you while the Games were in progress.

That's the Budding Ventriloquist way. 

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