Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Swedish monkey?

Välkomnande min svenska vänner, till den spirande täckningen för buktalarevinterOS. Welcome, my Swedish friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage.

With a rich history and passion for winter sports and one of the rock stars on the new ventriloquism scene, I couldn't be happier that the Swedes have pulled their camper van up to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM).  Both the men's and women's hockey teams are looking to medal, they are so good at skiing they could with the downhill and the uphill, and they have a female biathlete (that's cross country skiing and rifle shooting) that could shoot the eye out of a Swedish fish.

And then there's Zillah and Totte. Totte is a small brown monkey, and his best friend is Cecilia Andrén. Winners of the largest talent show in the world (the World Championships of Performing Arts) in 2008 and Sweden's Got Talent (called Talang in Sweden) in 2007.

She's got the knack for sure and gives her monkey friend a cute charm. Their performance in the finals of Talang 2007 had a great sense of humor with a send-up of those big production numbers we've all seen too many times.

It's fun to watch the clip and realize the show style transcends the language.  Even without the subtitles, is there any doubt what the host is saying?

And here's one without the subtitles, too. It allows you to really watch technique closely. Her lips really don't move!

Granted, without knowing Swedish, you can't tell whether anything Totte is saying is even intelligible. Given the universal language of laugher is present in abundance, I think it's safe to assume yes, she's very good.

Three days ago, a lone Dutch visitor stopped in on BV, just with a little leak in the dike. Now there's a Netherlands flood! To think I said I want to party with these people, and now look at them come. How can I not get a big, warm, tingly feeling from this?

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