Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sesquicentennial Plus

The Feb 20th post, It's midnight, Sun. Get to Bed, marked the 150th post to Budding Ventriloquist.

That makes this the 151st post. Oops. The olympic thing as really got me distracted from that magnificent milestone. Admittedly, Sesquicentennial Plus sounds more like a clothing store for overweight Yeti than an important anniversary.

So I ask my still-in-single-digits-but-making-me-giddy-at-how-many regular readers to make this promise: When I turn 151 years old, everyone celebrate with me.

You have some time to practice this.  Remember, leard both the right and the left pronounciations.

(Ok, contol booth. Roll the tape.)

For you stat freaks:
  • The hits counter just turned 2000. There were no Y2K computer malfunctions, but the cat is making yet another new annoying sound.
  • Finding out how to used NetworkedBlogs had made my followers hecto- if not nanotuple and I bet it I'm heading to decadupling.
  • BV was born on August 25, 2009, almost exactly 6 months ago. Six months of fun out of a blog I believe puts me in the 99th percentile commitment-wise.
  • Thanks to the Google ad thing, right now I have earned $1.32 on account.  That's exactly $1.32 more than I ever earned stage acting. Too cool. (Stand-up comedy came with free beer in the classic tradition of Milwaukee bartering, so I'm not sure where that stands realtive profitability-wise.)
  • I predict that by Christmas I'll hit the $10 plateau and actually get a check. And car dealers will be having their end-of-the model-year sales, and... 

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