Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, I promised - Who knew?

***Actual Olympic News With Huge Future Ramifications On My Life (AONWHFROML)***
On Saturday, February 20, at 2:15 PM:
  • While I was voluunteering on the stage crew for our local childrens theater group's production of "Willy Wonka";
  • While Willy was singing "The Candy Man", not the way Sammy Davis, Jr. did with a lot of jazzy stuff but pretty darn good anyway;
  • And my daugher was getting ready to make her entrance as Mrs. Beauegard;
  • And my wife was shopping the winter clearance clothes sales...

...Tina Maze of Slovenia took a silver medal in the Super G Downhill skiing.
AND.. earlier this week, slovenian cross-country skier Petra Majdic had four broken ribs and a collapsed lung when she won a bronze medal. She had crashed in a trail run, severely injuring herself. And yet, she forged on.

(Sorry I totally missed the amazing story on Petra earlier.  This is what I get for having dummies on my coverage team.)

This so incredibly wonderful for them. Now, for me...

My regular readers know what I'm getting to.  On February 5, when I reviewed Slovenia's olympic and ventriloquist outlook, and I made this statement:
"I read great things about Slovenian history, the people, and their athletes. I have hope for prosperity in their future. Therefore, I will make this challenge to their athletes:

If Slovenia takes a medal in the 2010 Winter Games, I will do everything in my power to travel to Slovenia and give them a ventriloquism show."
Yes, I made "the big challenge." I even wrote about Tina and Petra.  By name. I ran their pictures. I almost retracted the pledge, not wanting it to put extra pressure on Tina and Petra, like it was a Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

But what did these wonderful athletes do?  They responded to the challenge as true Olympic competitors do.

But now every time my cell phone rings, I'm going to be expecting the Slovenia Minister of Art to be calling to schedule my gig!

I am so flat broke!  What am I going to do? Please know, there is nothing I want to do more than fulfill my promise. I'd be thrilled to actually learn some Slovenian ... and some ventriloquism, too.

And, to make this an even bigger deal, the Slovenian Olympic people are protesting the cross country course as too fast and dangerous. These kind of issues get magnified when there's a ventriloquist visit involved.

I didn't mean to set up an international incident. I better let the State Department know. Now.

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