Sunday, February 14, 2010

Space: An Olympic venue

Dear NASA and President Obama:

Please, please, please don't take my inattention to the current shuttle mission as a lack of commitment to my (and one day soon, "our"? Right?) Ventriloquist In Space Program (VISP). And it's not that I can't multitask, but...

The Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage (TM) has been eating my lunch. It's been like the frat house party in Animal House here. Everytime the door opens, a  new country walks in. No, they're never in a toga. At least to begin with.

It continues to bring challenges. The Malaysians are all of a sudden  keenly interested in the BVWOC (TM), though I think they are just thinking about thinking about going to the Winter Olympics in the future. My site is getting a lot of that. Sort of the perfect place to start learning about the majesty of the Games.

Pakistan is taking part in the Winter Olympics for the first time. Skier Mohammad Abbas hits the slopes today. Go, Mohammad, go!

It would be cool for you to have the shuttle crew watch him.  I think he needs the encouragement.  Maybe point the Hubble Telescope down to take a picture of him just at the right time. You can do that, right? If it's not cloudy?

I think that kind of action would bring the international flavor of space program and the international wonder of the olympics together.

I have a feeling that there will be a ventriloquist in space before there will be a ventriloquist in Malaysia or Pakistan, at least from what my research turned up. But this is where the VISP and world peace and cooperation come together.

You see that, don't you?

One last thing, then I'll let you get back to your lunch: Will it be okay to have the BVWOC(TM) logo on my space suit? Not that I think you should go all NASCAR and sell adverstising on the suits. Again, it's the international gesture I'm thinking of.

I could sew it onto the space suit I've been stitching together here for practicing in, and let you see how it looks.

Your thoughts?

Would write more, but I've got to get my coverage crew ready for the day. Max and Steed are still sleeping. They had a late night.

Yours in space,

Dan Bushman
Budding Astronaut
Budding Ventriloquist

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