Monday, February 22, 2010

Rising Sun's of a gun


Welcome, my Japanese Friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist  Winter Olympic Coverage.

Daisuke Takahashi has already taken medal (bronze) in men's figure skating for the Rising Sun, as has Joji Kato (bronze) and Keiichiro Nagashima (Silver) in men's speed skating.  Japan sends one of the largest teams (94 athletes) to the games, so I'm betting they are in it to win more.

The Japanese are the first country other than the US that I've found have their own Japan Ventriloquist's Association. Here's a picture from their annual festival.  Whenever I see picture like this, I have to remember there's only half as many people there as it appears.

Is it possible that the same goes for the Olympic team? That there are only 47 athletes from Japan? Just thinking.

I'm going to keep hunting for some better video from the JVA festival. If you find some that's good fun, let me know.

What I did find is Tazuko and Sakiko, showing that dummies can really get the funk out on the dance floor at the Vent Haven Convention here in the US.

Just as another note to the explosive international situation I created by promising to perform ventriloquism in Slovenia, since yesterday's "fess up" post, the number of hits BV has had from Slovenia has doubled. That's right, doubled.

My only solice is that the Slovenian secret police probably know-how to check out BV secretly, without the flag counter picking it up. So hits I see aren't them.

Wait. That means that they secretly could be...

I am in such trouble.

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