Monday, February 1, 2010

Going Dutch

Onthaal, mijn Nederlandse vrienden, aan de het ontluiken Olympische Dekking van de Winter van de Tovenaar van de Stem.

Welcome, my Dutch friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage.

The Netherlands appears to be a regular and active Winter Olympic country, fielding 11 athletes at the upcoming games.  Go, Nedeerlandse vrienden!

Though none of the athletes are listed as ventriloquists, they are rempresenting a country that is clearly fascinated with the Art of Kings.  Just look at:
  • Radio Netherlands Worldwide, that runs a story celebrating Britain's First Ventriloquist - Fred Russell, sometimes referred to as the father of modern ventriloquism.  It's a good listen.
  • There was a Youtube clip of Britain's current first lady of ventriloquism, Nina Conti, performing in the Rotterdam until the web police took it down. Doesn't that just make it more tantalizing? What was she doing?
  • Dutch researchers Mirjam Keetels and Jean Vroomen have published "Tactile-visual temporal ventriloquism: No effect of spatial disparity" in the journal Attention, Perception and Psychophysics.
    • Having read the abstract, I think it's about the order in which our senses figure out stuff and come to a single, whole sense of reality.
    • TV or not doesn't make any difference.
Maybe I should try to get an interview with the authors.  Wouldn't that be cool?
    Obviously, the Dutch are ventriloquism crazy! I want to party with these people! Any time, any color zone!
    The Canadians, trying to avoid the embarrassing comparison of their Winter Olympic website to BVWOC(TM), have been slow to check out the excitement here, numbers-wise. Poland has not stopped at the registration desk either. If this continues for another week or so, I may resort to telling my favorite Canadian-Polack joke in order to bait them.

    In fact, I'm setting a date.  If I haven't heard more from the Canadians and anything from the Poles by February 7, I'm  lettin' it fly.
    Because I grew up on the south side of Milwaukee (pronounced "Sout'side of Ma-wawkee"), telling Polack jokes is my birthright. However, just because I am American, telling Canadian jokes is not really my birthright.

    But what the heck. Let's do'er, eh?
    Because I am human, telling Minnesotan jokes is my birthright. More on this later.

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