Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's midnight, Sun. Get to bed.

Velkommen, mine norske venner, til de spirende buktaler vinter-OL dekning.

Welcome, my Norwegian Friends, to the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage.

What really needs to be said about Norway and the Winter Olympics.  They've won more medals over the history of the Winter Olympics than anybody, even more than us Yanks.

When I was growing up in the 1960s, there even was a show, Ski with Stein. On the show, Stein Eriksen explained the find point of skiing. Stein was an Olympic gold medalst in the 1952 Oslo games.

His accent made skiing sound down right exotic.  It was even more amazing, given most of the people I grew up with were from a German or Polish background, that Stein was from a down right exotic place - Norway. 

Even more amazing to me as a nine-year-old was that Stein was not named after a large beer carafe.

And as far as Noregian ventriloquism goes, they are fully equipped, too. For some fun, Paul and Christer did a stand up spoof of ventriloquism show at the semi-final in the Norwegian Talents in April 2009.  Who knew so many countries have their version of "(Insert Country Here) Got Talent"?

And, on the professional side,  Jan Robert Henriksen is a former police detective who as been referred to as "komikernes 007" (which I am betting translates to "Comedian 007"?).  His press material gets translated this way:
An "intelligent" humorist, comedian, ventriloquist and speaker...

Just another bet is that the computerized translator isn't dead accurate on the "intelligent" translation. Putting it in quotes leads you to believe the word is being used sarcastically, right?

The fun of this video is that he's speaking Norwegian, and the subtitles are in German. And somehow, I can't help but laugh at the jokes, too. Then he sings in English.  It's like a trilingual attack of some kind.

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