Sunday, January 31, 2010

In our midst

And just what is a European Union flag doing in the flag tracker?

The description given by the Flag Counter Software (the official flag counting software of the Budding Ventriloquist Winter Olympic Coverage(TM) ) is "Unknown - European Union."

There's only one answer - Budding Ventriloquist has explosed a spy.

Exploring who this spy might be also explosed something so obvious - That the young James Bond version of Sean Connery belongs on the "Face Belongs on a Ventriloquist Dummy" list. It was comparing Sean's young persona to BVWOC(TM)'S own Steed Hideaway that got me feeling "stirred, not shaken."

Please! I know! Everytime I put someone on the V  Face List that is "good looking", message boards fill up, Twitter needs to shut down from the overload, and a new "Anti BV" blog pops up somewhere. If that Entertainment Tonight film crew shows up at my house again, I am going to scream.

But here's a whole'nuther thing. As Sean Connery got older, he got grey, he got bald, and he grew various amounts of facial hair.  So in his second incarnation, a very different look served him well.

And you might say he resembles a budding ventriloquist. Maybe?
Steed Hideaway to replace Daniel Craig as the next James Bond?

Oh, oh. I guess I wouldn't make much of a secret agent, would I?

And now the Netherlands joins the BVWOC(TM) hootenany?  I have to get researching.  All I know about the Dutch entertainment scene is that I'm sure they consider ventriloquism legal, too.

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