Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maybe a puppet

A whole different route to go would be to create a puppet instead of a ventriloquist dummy.

What has me thinking of this is that as I've checked out the ventriloquist dummy sites on the web, I've come to realize that having a dummy that's a unique character is virtually impossible in my price  range.  Of course I dream of having my own custom-made dummy, but that's pretty far in the future.

This is just a reaction to some positive karma I get from the idea of making a puppet.

Realistically, there's nothing simple about making puppets, either. The fact that I'm not very coordinated is a bit of a barrier, too. And I don't think I received better than a C on any craft project after about the fifth grade, so that signals some trouble ahead, too.

Or maybe I should just save my nickels for a Charlie McCarthy dummy a roll will it. I'll probalby call him Harley McNarley or something, even though the monicle will be a bit pretentious.

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