Friday, October 16, 2009

The V-eagle has landed

After over an hour traveling through the Colorado sky, the homemade experimental aircraft landed in a farm field 50 miles from its starting point.  Emergency response personnel rushed to the craft as it pitched about on the ground, desperate to rescue the 6 year-old-boy trapped inside.

To the rescuers surprise, no boy was inside. There was, however, a vintage fully functional Mortimer Snerd ventriloquist dummy clinging to the flimsy plywood frame.

The dummy refused medical attention and was released on his own recognizance.
At some point, milestones will get fewer and farther between, but this is post number 50.  I had hoped it would coincide with the Dow breaking the 10,000 mark, but the Dow beat me to the mark by 2 days.  I guess it's better for the world that Dow won this round.  Maybe.

For the record, the Dow has rose 7% since I started working in earnest on ventriloquism. Just saying.

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