Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little hats, little shirts, big voice

There's a bit of a disadvantage of my age and my stage of family life.  With my kids being 18 and 15, and not likely to be parenting soon, I don't have any access to infant clothes. we got rid of the last of my kids baby clothes 16 garage sales ago.

And I need to try out some outfits to get some inspiration for.. my monkey.

I have decided that a deep voice, maybe a little gravelly, might be a lot funnier and interesting than the squeaky, infantile voice that was my first thought.

Kind of like he might be a welder or a boilermaker or something.  In the day and age, is it okay for a monkey puppet to be a smoker? 

So I want him to be an adult, but I need infant clothes. Go figure.

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