Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Dumpster diving

After going to a late matinee* of the movie Clear Lake, WI  ** with friends, we headed to a tavern to discuss the movie, scary movies in general, laugh, eat, beer up ***, etc.

Towards the end of the get together I mentioned ventriloquism, and told my gang about the Dumpster, DPV  TV show idea from a few days ago. I was actually surprised at their enthusiasm and suggestions, like:
  • Maybe the ventriloquist detective really can't communicate without his dummy.
  • The dummy definitely plays the genius.
  • The whole split personality versus supernatural/paranormal is left ambiguous, a dangling piece of suspense.
  • Maybe the show is just called Dummy, again ambiguous about whether that refers to the dumb detective or the dummy or both.
This wasn't the first time this gang happily chimed in on my ventriloquist chatter. That last time, the big question was, "What if you get a ventrilquist dummy and it doesn't like you?"

It was also a secret delight to watch my wife bury her face in her hands with a bit of, "OMG, will you stop encouraging him?" She was laughing, too.

* Late matinee = the latest show still allowing me to save a few bucks on the tickets, yet seem like I actually went out in the evening, too.
** Clear Lake, WI  = a B movie psycho thriller. It's only attraction was that the actual town of Clear Lake, WI is only about 30 miles away, and the movie as at least partially shot there.
*** Beer up = a phrase I believe I just invented. I like it.

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