Saturday, October 3, 2009

That day job thing

Yesterday's post was whining. Sorry.

I've started reading Terry Fator's book, Who's the Dummy Now?, and  it keeps making me think about the challenge of starting a journey to ventriloquism when you're NOT a pre-teen. Do I wish there were cute pictures of a young boy with his Charlie McCarthy or Mortimer Snerd dummy? Of course I do.

And I'm sure plenty of great ventriloquists who weren't prodigies. And how I feel about my parents not getting me a dummy for Christms when I was four is an unexplored topic between me and my "professional friend". But there's a challenge in starting a new adventure (See my sidebar about "hobbies") and being an adult, making a living, paying a mortgage. Don't worry, the whining is over.

It's all about the patience and persistence to find the time. To keep myself encouraged, and being too lazy to find real "senior" succcess stories, I offer these:
  • When Einstein was in his 60s, he had a dummy made with the same hairdo he had and was the hit of faculty parties.
  • Brad Pitt is only 4 years younger than me, and  there's no indication he'd be any better at ventriloquism than me.
  • The older Bob Dylan gets, the more he sounds like a ventriloquist dummy, and the more Grammys he wins.
  • There's a room at Graceland, closed to the public, were Elvis was building but never completed his own dummy. I've outlived him by seven years already.
  • When Barack Obama (47) sneaks out for a smoke, he leaves a ventriloquist dummy behind his desk. The Secret Service has not caught on. He had dreams of achieving more than world peace, and he says, "Yes I can."
It's not to late.

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