Friday, October 30, 2009

If a picture paints a 1000 words, then what if...

My work on the actual ventriloquism skill is slow, but I still have an inner belief that I might find a new frontier for the art.

Just think:
  • If Fred Astaire had chosen ventriloquism, dummies would really dance.
  • If Tony Bennett had chosen ventriloquism, he'd have left his levers in San Francisco,
  • If John Kennedy had chosen ventriloquism, we'd have put a dummy on the moon before 1970.
  • If Bill Gates had chosen ventriloquism. our computers would talk and sound just a little like us.
  • If Dean Martin had chosen ventriloquism, there would have been a fabulous singer/dummy act.
  • If Jerry Lewis had chosen ventriloquism, would Dean Martin have noticed?  Would Jerry even have noticed?
Like my ventriloquistic skills, my logic and my vision isn't perfect. Yet. But the time is coming.
Of the many mysteries of my life, my fascination with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis stumps even the most wise denizens of the astral plane. And there's no stumping them, not even when we play "Stump the Band." And they can vent perfect Bs without moving their lips, too.

You just said, "Did he just say astral plane?," didn't you?  Long story, especially on terra firma.

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