Saturday, October 31, 2009

And all his Pump-kin


Why are people saying, "Ooh, you have to get your ventriloquist dummy out. It's Halloween"?

Like a ventriloquist dummy is some creepy, bump-in-the-night thing.  Like Houdini died on Halloween with Charlie McCarthy holding his head down in the water tank of death.  Like Jamie Lynn Curtis was chased by Mortimer Snerd for two hours in the original Halloween. Like Boris Karloff was just one of Paul Winchell's characters.

I accept that - NOT. Ventriloquism is not just some scary Halloween trick.

Did you know biblical scholars have concluded that one of the three kings of the Nativity was a ventriloquist, and it made the Baby Jesus laugh? Ventriloquism is more about Christmas than Little Drummer Boy. And that's a fact.

The Easter tale is even more spiritual...
FYI - I absolutely detest the Little Drummer Boy. Prump-a-pum ya'own self. That's for the record, too.

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