Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SWATing at an idea

Having intereacted and bonded with the county's SWAT team (true story, too long to explain), I got a different idea about the crime fighting ventriloquist TV show. Ventriloquist and dummy are members of a SWAT team:
"Taking out the bad guys or just keeping the neighborhood quiet, two heads are better than one."
I first considered calling it  The V Team (DATED ALARM! DATED ALARM!), but if you want whasss hip now, single word titles, like House, Bones, etc., bring you to:
The partner, Zabo (he goes by just that - Is it his first name or last name?), has a mohawk haircut, talks with a thick eastern European accent, and says stuff like, "Think du should vatch out the vindow for zome mooovement?"

And hey, I can vent that!

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