Friday, October 9, 2009

TV series idea

Take the current TV trends:
  • Bones, House MD, and Numb3rs are all about hyper-intelligent but, in some way, socially edgy people;
  • Those shows also have titles (and some central character names) that are "everyday" words;
  • The Mentalist,  Medium, and Ghost Whisperer are supernatural something-or-others;
  • Cop/crime shows remain a staple; and
  • Shows with initials (NCIS, CSI, MD, JAG) were and still are big.
Mix it all together with a classic entertainment illusion and you get a genius crime fighting ventriloquist with a psychic dummy as a partner. Or maybe it's a genius psychic dummy.  This is still in the concept stage, so that's a minor detail.

And I'd call it:
Dumpster, DPV
 DPV stands for Doctor of Paranormal Ventriloquism.

It's a working title.

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