Friday, October 2, 2009

As days go...

I was so excited to make my first post for October. It would mean that “past posts” index on the sidebar would turn over and add October. All of September’s posts would shrink into a simple “September (29)” dropdown header, and, ultimately, just make me grin that I’ve kept this blog going. A new month is an emblem that I’m hooked on not only ventriloquism, but blogging, too.


September 30, 7:38 pm. – Walking the dog, I stepped on an acorn or rock in the street and twisted my ankle. Ouch a lot, hey.

October 1, 6:30 am –Ankle still swollen, but having kept ice on it all night, it’s tolerable. With important work stuff to do, I can’t call in sick. But I’m distracted, so  no ventriloquism thoughts.

8:05 am – After being at work for about 15 minutes, There’s an accident in the plant. I go into accident investigation mode. Don’t worry, he’s ok.

10 am – I start two hours with a lawyer on a work matter. At least he was on our side.

Noon – my assistant takes pity and gets me lunch. I’m on the verge of forgetting that I quit smoking.

1 pm – I have seven pages of notes of about 5 different topics. And the phone is ringing with calls I have to take.

The afternoon makes a slow slip into a stew of details to sort out, document, follow-up on, and double check. I should think that I have a job where I'm needed, and that's good. But geez.

Driving home, I say to myself, “What a day. If my dummy would have seen this one…” And I take it as a sign that I'm getting finally my head on straight again.


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