Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bless This Mess

I think the US Census Bureau should have included these questions on the 2010 census form:

When you grew up, did you have a sign or piece of art in your kitchen that said "Bless this Mess"? 
Yes or No
If you answered Yes, was the sign ever so charmingly entertaining and amusing guests in your: 
A. Kitchen
B. Dining Room
C. Living Room
D. Two of the above
E. Three of the above
It's probably pretty obvious that this budding ventriloquist decided to strike out on blog graphic redesign, with a bit of a messy result.

There are horrors out there in template customization; horrors that make you realize you didn't really even know how to spell OMG before you started down the redsign path.

From what started as a desire to go to a two-column design to a three-column design turned into a lot of yucky trial and error. And some "ooh, what does this button do?" lead to "I can undo this, right?" to "why did I start this at all?"

Things like my precious logos having a white background that would look not so good on the black - that was, well, a surprise. I also abandoned my dream of three columns because controlling the width was like

I think I got this fixed enough so although it looks like a pile of clothes on the floor, they're nice clothes.

So I leave you with the sister-sign to "Bless this Mess":

Come In, Sit Down,
Relax, Converse
Our House Doesn't Always Look Like This
Sometimes It's Even Worse!

To my regular readers (the whole doading* of you):

My apologies for not consulting you about this.  It was just an impulsive thing. And the irony is that I was pretty satisfied with the simple, clean look I had.

But given that there's no going back (the old template is in pixel heaven now), please let me know what you think.  If you just want to use the reaction buttons below, click on Funny if you think I should keep this or click on Frightening if this is oh-so-gots-to-go.

Or if you want to give me a big thrill, leave a comment! 
*     A doading is a group of shelldrakes**.
**   A shelldrake is a duck***
*** A duck would make an interesting ventriloquist puppet, don't you think?

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