Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tech Week - Where Renaissance Men are born

Heading into In Stitches Tech Week*, I'll be looking for ways to use my ability to do stuff to help, and ways to learn how to do something new just because someone has to do it.

If the picture below has 10 fingers in it, I've found success. If not...


Being a BRM** means taking pride in being able to do things you work to learn. 

So I have to channel my BRM Mojo*** to get better at doing the choreography for this number (where I am trying to stay hid way in the back!):


* - Tech Week is the week before a show where the technical parts of the show (lights, sound, dressing the set) all get done.  And it's the time where the performers start facing the reality that the show is going to happen. 

And oh, oh... I better learn all the real words to the songs I'm in the chorus of so I've been faking it! (If you don't know your spoken lines, you're just screwed. No one will have sympathy for you.)

** - BRM is a trademark of Budding Renaissance Man. Sort Of.

*** - BRM Mojo?  I like it.  This may be the first BRM idea to get it's own logo.****

**** - I love making logos.



And one wood shop badge of honor. 

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