Thursday, January 5, 2017

Politics and Poetry

When politics meets a Budding Renaissance Man.
There won't be an America.
There will only be 'Merica.
Then, there will only be Erica.
Oh god. I've written a new ballad for KISS.


The official BRM critique of this video:
  1. The camera angles and editing of this is smooth. Sort of simple, classic. 
  2. The shots of the guys all "balladed up" are a marvelous form of comedy. Attempted poignant through the face paint. 
  3. I work harder that the lip sync than they must have. 
  4. Or is it the face paint that makes the lip sync look off? 
Open for discussion: What about calling this segment a BRM "Mini-Videotique"? I'm liking it.

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