Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Resolutions for 2017

Hello old friends and new friends:

Blogging has been out of vogue for quite a while.  Then again, so has writing. So has me trying to be vogue.

But as Peter Allen said in song, "Everything old is new again."*


New Year's Resolutions - 2017
1: Change my name to Herb. Then, with trendy narcissism, become a herbologist.

2: Whenever possible, share my cupcakes.

3: Say "toddle-oo" instead of goodbye, "later gator" instead of just "later." Then, eventually, just "gator."

4: Revive All-Star Wrestling.

5: Totally forget about resolution #5.

6: Call every dog I see "Spot." Or "Stinky." But never both.

7: Rewrite "The Year of the Cat" to make it the "Year of the Rooster" - per the Chinese Zodiac. Deadline: January 28. **


Why the sudden reappearance of my blog?  Hmm.  Maybe I should write about that.

Why the new name? Hmm. Maybe I should write about that.


* This song appeared in the 1979 Movie "All That Jazz." It was a semi-autobiographical story directed by Bob Fosse.  Hypothesis: Because it existed, the musical "Chicago" was called "Chicago" despite its great number that would have worked so marvelously as the title song, "All That Jazz."

 ** Thanks to my Facebook Buddies for pointing out that rather than rooster, the word "chanticleer" would work, or another word that the Facebook frowns on that is a single syllable (like "cat").

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