Thursday, January 26, 2017

Master of Disguise

I am often asked*, "Dan, I got a question. Being a Renaissance Man is not a real job."

After pointing out that is not a question (sometimes doing my Alex Trebek impersonation and saying "form of a question"), I do point out that acquiring skills is the essence of becoming hirable.

Thusfore ** and ergo, the question (in the form of a question) should be, "What jobs is the Renaissance Man quest making you qualified for?"

Well, being a voting fraud investigator looks to be a big opportunity! At least it was on Wednesday.

I would do it in the spirit of Artemus Gordon*** or John Steed.****  So I am working on mastering the art of disguise.

First, the instant mustache.

And then, a monocle.  

They'll never see me coming.


* That's just putting on airs. No one has asked that.  Yet.

** Thusfore is a real word.  A combination of thus and therefore. A mash-up, as youngsters would say.

***  Artemus Gordon  was the sideman of James West, the rough-and-tumble title character of the 1960s TV western The Wild Wild West. Portrayed by Ross Martin, he was a master of disguise, often with a mustache (see above instant disguise). And anyone who was cool at all wanted to be Artemus Gordon, not James West. Only jocks wanted to be James West.

**** John Steed was the master spy in the 1960s TV show The Avengers. He was portrayed by Patrick Macnee.  I can not attest to him actually wearing a monocle (see above instant disguise #2), but hell, he was a Brit. He must have in at least one episode. His side(wo)man was Emma Peele, played by Diana Rigg.*****

***** Yes, Game of Thrones people - that's Olenna Tyrell.  In her babe days.  (Please note, I did not describe Emma Peele as a "sidebabe."  That would have been silly.)

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