Tuesday, January 3, 2017

In Stitches, the trailer

In making this trailer for In Stitches, there were lots of little challenges that came from little ideas that were part of a whole vision.

  1. Getting a the dancing dude proportioned right got complicated. Originally I wanted the top of the guy to be on the bottom of the screen, and his feet along the top. At that size, it pixelated. Went to Plan B.
  2. I was very happy to figure out everything move across the screen. That was "the big learn"* for this video. Still, why the top and bottom stop half-way though? Dough no.**
  3. The combination of stills and video was fun. Taking good candid photos and capturing good video is a challenge in a rehearsal environment.
  4. Making the frame graphic was a lot of work. The pictures were high res and my laptop really didn't want me to do it.
  5. There's a big difference between directing a shoot and gathering snippets to meld into a video.
  6. It would have been fun to have the cast's vocals instead of the Broadway cast soundtrack.  I guess Budding Audio... pher (what are they called?) needs to be in the mix before I try that.

* - I do like the sound of "the Big Learn."  I could be a wealthy management consultant if I wrote a book called that. Note I am not concerned that the content. Only one in 10 people read the management books that their consultants recommend, anyway. And only one in twenty actually try to do it.

** - Dough No why I think I'm so damn funny for thinking of Dough No.  But I gotta get a tee shirt with that on the front.  On the back, too?  Dough No.

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