Monday, January 9, 2017

Cool Shot? Cold Shot? Not a Hot Shot?

With rehearsal for In Stitches cancelled*  because of snow and lousy road conditions (or is it lousy snow and road conditions?), this BRM** turned to the quieter buddingness*** of photography.

With the outside freshly arctic and glowing from the streetlights, AND my neighbor's dog staring at my house and then running away, I attempted art:

Now, if I knew how to set the shutter speed faster, it would have been cooler. My cropping choice was to have the dog not exactly in the middle because that seemed like a pedestrian choice.****

It's what Budding Renaissance Men do.  Figure out what the don't know how to do. Then they figure out how to do it.


* - Cancelling a rehearsal during Tech Week is not a good thing.  This is where we get the Big Mo (as in momentum). Not worried really, but... stay tuned.

**- BRM is a registered trademark of Budding Renaissance Man. Sort of.

*** - Early in the blog building effort, a new vocabulary is developed.  Not all the words are keepers. Like "buddingness."  Maybe I should just go with bud. That might roll off a clever tongue:
"turned to the quieter bud of photography."
Yes.  I will go with bud.

**** - Artists dismiss things that pedestrians do as, well, pedestrian.

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