Monday, January 16, 2017

A Renaissance of Waldoing

Recently on Facebook, I showed this picture from the show In Stitches:

My Facebook comment was, "Where's Waldo?"*

While I don't want to get in the habit of making up skills that a Budding Renaissance Man (BRM) needs to always improving, being a good Waldo is not something just anyone can do. It takes a certain confidence. A certain presence. A certain je ne sais quoi.**

Yes, I do believe I have said je ne sais quoi. For Waldoing***, at least.

Some of the underlying skills for Waldoing are being a bit of naughty in a lovable, playful way:

And being the quintessential (if not the absolute essential) photo bomber:

A most certain je ne sais quoi?

Yes. A certain je ne sais quoi.


* - I submit the phrase "Where's Waldo?" is okay to use even if you are looking for a guy in audaciously green pants.

** - Je ne sais quoi - something (such as an appealing quality) that cannot be adequately described or expressed.

So it's a word/phrase to describe what words can't describe. Gotta admit, the French do think of everything. And I am sure they have a word for thinking of every thing.

The Germans, for the record, would have made it one single word. "Jenesaisquoi" with a "shein" on the end to make it sound not pretty. It's what Germans do.

As for attribution on the definition, I say, "Thanks, Merriam. And hey, say hi to Webster for me."

*** - "Waldoing" is hereby a real word to describe a real thing. This is an official power of a Budding Renaissance Man.


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