Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gurus '14: Week 2 - Who are the real experts?

I know the first question on your mind. How did Dan and George do in week 1?

10-6. Not bad, considering all the upsets.

And how did the expert panel at ESPN do? Well, as of 7 pm central on Wednesday, who knows?  They haven’t tallied their results. 

Why?  They obviously are ashamed. Or as Gomer Pyle used to say, “f’shame, f’shame, f’shame.”

They are either cowards or lazy.  Got that high priced experts who get paid boatloads while George and Dan are showing how it’s really done? You heard that. What’cha gonna do about it? Huh?


Beginning this year, part of reviewing last week will talk about last week’s good and bad. It’s only fair, and the BV staff loves designing logos for feature stuff.

PICK: And there it was.  You heard it here and then it happened.  We picked Miami to beat New England “because it would feel so good.”  And it sure did. 

ICK: Dan made the Raiders  pick largely due to the side effects of painkillers he’s taking for his back.  Not really, but that’s a better excuse than the real one: he really thought they would win.


Week 2


Pittsburgh over Baltimore
Ravens rally as a team to overcome the Ray Rice scandal? Nope.

Green Bay over N.Y. Jets
Packers thought there were 5 preseason games. Oops.

Buffalo over Miami
‘Phins over Pats was surprising, Bills over anyone needs to be rewarded by picking them.

Detroit over Carolina
With Jim Caldwell as coach, can you still actually hate the Lions?

Atlanta over Cincinnati
Matt Ryan is my fantasy team QB at work. Duh.

New Orleans over Cleveland
Browns fans. How I wish better for you.

New England over Minnesota
Against the Pats the only thing Miami and Minnesota have in common is a big M.

Arizona over N.Y. Giants
The Giants don’t really start playing until week 9.

Dallas over Tennessee
Jake Locker. Ok. Now name another guy who plays for Tennessee.

Jacksonville over Washington
The Jags get off the schnide early.

Seattle over San Diego
The flaw in the Packers game plan last week was they didn’t account for Seattle being the better team.

Tampa Bay over St. Louis
Lovie Smith, most under-appreciated man in football.

Denver over Kansas City
KC QB Alex Smith. Think about it.

Oakland over Houston
Because Dan lacks the ability to think rationally.

Chicago over San Francisco
2 or 3 times a year, the Bears play over their heads. This is number 1. You read it here first.


Indianapolis over Philadelphia
The Colts are just getting warmed up. The Eagles offense is, in a word, hokey.


Ventriloquist on the Sidelines
(Remember, this blog is still about ventriloquism)
What current or past football player's face would make a great ventriloquist dummy?


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