Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gridiron Gurus'12: Week 6 - Tasty Tailgating

Yes, that chef suit actually says "Budding Ventriloquist Bar and Grille."

It's the pretentious "e" on the end of "Grille" that really puts it over the top, isn't it?

I'm thinking that's the Food Network ringing my phone right now.. Or, that's just another robocall telling me that Obama is Satan's spawn. At least the Food Network wouldn't be wasting time and money on me.

Just when you were thinking, "There must to be at least a theoretical limit to the talent at Budding Ventriloquist Studios"... Well, just watch. Something tasty is heading to your table...

If this doesn't play here, you can watch it just like it's a cable cooking show in beautiful NibbleVision at

After picking Pittsburgh and getting yet another Thursday night game wrong, you can bet your entire kitchen on these picks.


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