Thursday, October 11, 2012

For the Record: Week 5 Recap

Okay, Dan and George were 7 and 7.

Fifty percent. As many right as wrong

Gurus in the goo.

Still, with a season record of 45-32, Budding Ventriloquist's gurus are still better than half of ESPN's high-priced spreadsmeisters*. And to dig a phrase out of the cliche closet**:

"It's a long season."

* - High priced Spreadmeisters: Is, going forward, how the ESPN NFL "experts" will be referred to. I like it. Says it all.

**- Cliche Closet: And doesn't this phrase have a helluva lot of comic potential?  Heck ya!

The Thursday Game Pick

Will it be another Music City Miracle? Nope.

A Titanic Effort? Hmm... that's an inadvertent double entendre if I ever saw one.

Not the Titans. Not this week. Heck, not this year.

Still, the baby blue uniforms do make a statement. Not sure what statement. But a statement.

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